I See the Light

An amazing part of the class this semester was the ability to understand and correct some of the misconceptions that I have held about the Solar System for years. Whether it was about the ‘dark’ side of the moon, the brightness of the North Star, tides, the asteroid belt being hard to navigate through, or the gas giants being made of gas, the class helped me understand why people reason these things, but also what the correct outlook is. By observing the stars and planets at night, I was exposed to a world I would have never explored on my own. Now, my news feed has astronomy alerts, so when new things happen, I hope to stay connected and informed! I’m still learning and there are many other misconceptions out there that are waiting to be corrected

2 thoughts on “I See the Light

  1. I love the title!! We took so many classes together because we have the same major but this class definitely brought us closer. I learned a ton from this class. I may have to sign up for astronomy alerts too! Congrats on graduating, Liz! I wish you all the best in your next steps.


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